RELEASED: November 26, 2020
ARTIST: Chief Manashah
LABEL: Manashah Tribe
PRODUCER: Written, Composed, Arranged, Produced & Performed by: Chief Manashah / Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass & Keys by: Chief Manashah / Vocal Harmonies, Clave & Tambourine by: Chieftess / Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by: Adam Fair / Executive Producer: Chief Manashah / Copyright 2019 Chief Manashah Publishing 2020 Chief Manashah All Rights Reserved.
SINGLE: I Got My Own Blues

-I got my own blues-

(music & lyrics by Chief Manashah)

I got my own blues

To tend to

I got my own blues

To tend to (oh now mama)

When I’m through

I’ll be coming around to tend to you

Got my own own news (yea listen)

To tell you (yes I do)

I got my own wounds, my own reasons babe

To tend to (tend tend tend tend to)

Yea when I’m through taking care of business baby

I’ll be coming home to tend to you.. hey! hold one mama.. heyy!

(guitar solo)

I got my own blues

To tend to

I got me own blues

To tend to (yea baby)

When I’m through, oh when I’m through now baby

I’ll be coming around.. to enter you



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