(All poems written by Chief Manashah)

-More than lukewarm-

Let me be a blessing to them

Let me be a blessing not a curse

Not a fool

Not a burden, not a snare

Not a shame, not in fear,

In love

Let me me be a blessing to them

A protection

A wise fountain

A spring

More than lukewarm

A humble glory

Let it be known that thee

Almighty Father, Most High, Most Holy

Blessed me to be a blessing to them


-Rise with no yeast-

All me curses turn to blessings

All me failures turn to lessons

All my scars turn to armor

All my pain turn to strength

All my bitches turn to wives

Baking bread with no yeast inside

Still we rise against the tides

Part the seas, calm the breeze

By the power of the Most High


-Truth Be Told-

I’m a vast sea

Uncertain of the shore

Beauty unseen by mortals

Uncut gold

Adrift in time

I’m wine to the soul

And the sands

Who conquers my quench

Forever more

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